Spinal decompression is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for certain types of back pain.

Some back problems are related to spinal disc problems, such as disc bulges, protrusions or herniations as well as general disc deterioration.

Spinal Decompression is one alternative available in our facility which can be utilized to attempt to gently relieve the pain and pressure in your neck, back, low back, and any symptoms in arm and legs.

The procedure uses a decompression table with strategically placed straps and traction controlled by a computer. The computerized technology allows the spine to be slowly and gently stretched, taking pressure off compressed discs and vertebrae, then relaxing again in specific cycles, customized to each individual patient. This allows for ‘gentle ‘pumping’ and the ‘decompression’ of the disc, enhancing circulation of fluids and promoting disc health and repair.